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Flexibility, Stability & Effectivity

The Advantages of CAQ.Net

Software Solution Advantages

QM-Solutions for your Business

From mid-size companies to multi-national corporations, CAQ AG develops innovative, integrated software solutions that satisfy the highest demands and meet all requirements of quality management. Furthermore, CAQ AG software supports all quality-related processes pertaining to any value added chain, production companies, and service providers. We attach special importance to compliance with standards as well as 100% release-capability of all of our software solutions without any restrictions – all this while retaining the maximum degree of customization to satisfy customer-specific demands.

Although CAQ AG software solutions are installed on thousands of systems worldwide, we guarantee that you can update your version automatically, no matter how many updates and upgrades you have installed previously. All upgrades function with minimum servicing time and effort onsite. Updates install automatically without requiring you to consult or involve our service staff. Updates neither change nor impede any customer-specific configurations. This principle ensures the full value of your investments.

TOP Product Characteristics

  • Validated standard compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, QS 9000, VDA Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 Teil 1+2, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 6 Teil 1+2+3+4+5+7, Vol. 7, Vol. 8, Vol. 9, Vol. 12, Vol. 13, Vol. 16, VDI/VDE 2618, Six Sigma, VW 101 3x, DIN ISO 5479, DIN ISO 3951-1, ISO 3951-2, DIN ISO 2859-1, DIN ISO 2859-3, DIN ISO 3534-2, DIN ISO 21747, DIN 32937, DIN EN ISO 10012, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, DIN EN 10204, DIN EN 9100, ISO 14000, DIN EN ISO 14006, DIN ISO/TS 10004, DIN EN ISO 14025, DIN EN ISO 12100, DIN EN ISO 14971, DIN EN ISO 13485, EFQM, GMP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • 100% release-capable standard software with regular updates in short intervals
  • 100% modular: Every module can be used autonomously or combined with an unlimited number of other modules (custom combinations meeting customer demands)
  • Personalized customization – either done by CAQ AG or configured directly by the customer him or herself – while retaining 100% release-capability of the standard software (regular updates)
  • Customer-specific masks, fields and catalogs
  • User-related profiles with personal filters and system preferences
  • Simultaneous multi-language support of masks, base data, and all movable data
  • Scalable from small networks to multi-site companies
  • Multi-site and multitenancy
  • Multi-media/ web integration – displays graphically enhanced inspection processes, documents, rejection handling, etc.
  • Integrated, dynamic and user-friendly form generator to customize standard forms, create and maintain new forms
  • Web-ready (internet and intranet), e.g. for documents, rejection management, procedures, etc.
  • Integrated version and histories administration (e.g. maintenance history of parts, documents, FMEAs, inspection plans, APQP, production control plans, processes, etc.)
  • Process-oriented workflow management
  • Supply chain management
  • Simple integration into all common ERP, MES (BDE/MDE) and CAD systems without individual development effort
  • Optional support of VDA QDX format - VDA license no. 2008-001
  • Optional, fully automatic, continual, and bi-directional data exchange with OEM supplier portals via internet with concurrent use of unlimited portals through XML in the VDA (CAQ AG Factory Systems VDA QDX license no. 2008-001) QDX format. Automatic information covering new data, for example via e-mail through JobControl.Net®. Comprehensive history administration, via AuditTrail.Net® and other programs.
  • Simple, intuitive operation

TOP Team – Customer Satisfaction Is Our Most Important Goal

In all of our efforts our most important goal is not just to satisfy you, but instead to thrill you! One thing is essential to realizing this goal – and we are very proud of our accomplishments on this front: We have a highly motivated, engaged, and competent team in which and with which working is fun! It is a matter of course for us here at CAQ AG that our employees in development, support, customer service, sales, and management, in addition to having university degrees as well as practical experience, have completed the training courses for “Quality Manager GFQ-IHK” or “Quality Assistant GFQ-IHK” and stay up-to-date by continuously completing training programs.

TOP Service and Training

  • Free user training/ workshops within the scope of TSP
  • Project management/ project-accompanying consulting prior to, during, and after introduction/ implementation
  • TSP Top service customer support
  • Regularly new updates, upgrades, releases without further costs involving online support and remote maintenance
  • QM basic training and instruction conducted by GFQ Akademie GmbH

TOP IT Technology, Integration, Peripherals

  • All software solutions are developed to run on Microsoft .Net technology
  • Integration into existing company structures and ERP systems: SAP (certified), MBS Microsoft Business Solutions (certified), Infor, BaaN, Brain, ABAS, Sage-KHK, as well as custom systems
  • Supports bar code and RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to use in lot tracing, control, and documentation
  • Automatic connection to CAD systems: e.g. with Initial Sample Inspection/PPAP/PPF, inspection planning
  • Fully supports Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Servers
  • Fully supports VDA QDX (Quality Data Exchange)
  • Fully supports XML formats to enable data exchange on all data levels
  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Fully web/ internet/ intranet ready
  • Terminal Server/Citrix (while maintaining compatibility to the Microsoft Windows operating system)
  • Database independent – fully supports all common systems, e.g. MS SQL Server and Oracle